This is a brief synopses of our history:



Our project began ofter renovation of our studio at 206 Charles St, Fredericksburg, VA.  We promoted to the neighborhood, and local schools.  Weekly study sessions began and we started our repertoire. 



We focused on outreach and training again in 2010.  We held a collabarative event with the local Boys and Girls chapter to showcase local step-dancing talent!



2011 was the year of Initiation for Marenje!  We worked together, for three weeks, every other day, learning several new songs and adding vocals to the mix of musical joy.  Our final presentation was held at the local Library Theater.  We performed our repertoire, and then initiated the community as warriors of peace, arming the entire crowd with the weapons of rhythm and melody.  This was my sendoff back to Hawaii, and an initiation for the kids as peacemakers in the world.  The children went on to headline the children's stage at the Tocaoma Park Peace Festival on September 11, 2011. 

Creating culture is simply beautiful!


2012 was a year of maturation for Marenje. We incorporated three new members from the Congo Republic.  Amadhi, Annettee, and Alex jr.  We collaborated with Polyphony Marimba and director Peter Swing.  During our summer intensive we also began writing our very first original piece entitles,  "Maren's song!" 


Our members solidified and our core group began working with some percussion training.

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