Posted by Ryan Anderson on
I had so much fun at the Down Home Ball.
Posted by Tim Wilson on
Good Afternoon,
I am an Elementary Music Teacher K-5 in Prince William County, VA 30 mins. south of Washington, DC. I have a 5th grade Marimba ensemble and I was wondering if any of your musical arrangements (sheet music) could be purchased so I could instruct my 5th graders. I have taught for 20 years and have used arrangements from Walt Hampton, but I saw you on Youtube and was wondering if your arrangements came in sheet music form.

Also, I built a 2 octave Bass Marimba in 2010 from Jon Madin's "Build Your Own Marimba". Where did you get the plans for your SubContra Bass Marimba? I currently live in Spotsylvania County in Fredericksburg, 22407.

Take care, Tim Wilson
Posted by Zachary Dang on

My name is Zach, and I'm a marimbist at heart looking to get back to doing what I love! I played in school ensembles for 7 years in Maryland, including two years as leader of a quartet experimenting in a wide range of genres. I would LOVE to audition, get involved, practice, or just see your group play. I currently live in Dunn Loring near Vienna, Virginia. But seriously anything I could do to get involved - please let me know!

Here's hoping to pick up some mallets again soon,

Posted by Michele Jackson on
Hi! I'm moving to Virginia and wondered if you offer marimba for adults (classes, workshops, jams...) I've played Zimbabwean style marimba for about 8 years with the Kutandara Center in Boulder, Colorado. I'd love to keep playing here.

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Posted by jody Ellis on
Hi I need to know who is administer this site because I am facilitating the spring lesson and would like to have coordinate website, Facebook together. thanks Jody
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